1972 911 Race Car for Sale


Run at the front of the pack!

1972 911 tub; 3.6L Mat Lowrance built race engine; 370hp; 1975 lbs; fiberglass 935 body panels; new Electromotive XDI Ignition; new Electromotive coil packs; new Haltech Elite 750 ECU; new front shock inserts; new rear shocks; sorted; balanced; high downforce car. For more information, email Ken at ken@ictusinc.com.

as of March 25, 2019

Originally 1972 911
Weight 1975 pounds with 1/2 tank fuel.
Bodywork AIR fiberglass 935. 100% Dzus, removable; 1977 Kremer front air dam, 1978 rear quarters, 1979 adj. tail.
Engine (recently rebuilt)
Displacement 3.6 liter
Fuel Management Haltech Elite 750 New
Injectors Bosch 75 lb/hr New
Ignition Single Plug Electromotive XDI New
Coil Packs Electomotive New
Horsepower 370 hp
Crankshaft GT3 crankshaft
Rods Pauter
Case 3.3 Turbo1979
Oil Pump 3.3 Turbo
Cylinders LN 100mm
Pistons JE 100mm
Compression 12.5 to 1
Heads 3.2 Carrera ported/polished
Intake valves 51mm titanium
Exhaust valves 41.5mm turbo
Valve springs AASE titanium retainers
Cams GE100
Induction Slide valves
Fuel Leaded 110 Octane
Air Filters K&N
Spark Plugs NGK BR8EIX
Headers 1 7/8" European Racing Headers
Mufflers (ha!) Phase 9" (101 DB) and Megaphones
Fuel System
Fuel cell 17 gallon Fuel Safe ED122B; RB322B
Duel Fuel Pumps  
Fuel Filters W01331618149OEA
Injectors New: Bosch 75 lb/hr
Oil System
Oil 24 quart Mobil 1 15w50 V-Twin Extended or Redline Racing Oil
Coolers Two front mounted Setrab; One Earl's side mounted.
Oil Lines All steel braided -16AN.
Oil tank custom 4 gallon
Oil filters Front mounted in-line Mahle OC 54, one Mahle OC 29 on engine.
Transmission 915 magnesium, 5 speed, 7/31 ring/pinion
Shifter WEVO
Gate shift kit WEVO
Differential Factory ZF 930 80/20 Limited slip
Clutch RSR
Pressure Plate Sachs
Flywheel ?
CV joints 911 solid
Half Shafts Gaskets: Inner: 930-332-297-00;Outer: 901-332-297-00
Front sway bar 19mm H&H Carrera solid/adjustable
Front torsion bar 23mm Weltmeister solid
Rear sway bar 19mm H&H Carrera solid/adjustable
Rear torsion bar 30mm Weltmeister solid
Rear spring plate Adjustable
Front Shocks Koni Stock (86 1738) New inserts
Rear Shocks Koni Red Racing New
Seat Kirkey custom aluminum
Steering wheel Momo Competition
Gauges Stock 911
Kill switch Mounted
Battery Recent lightweight
Front calipers 1979 930 Turbo
Front rotors 12" Wilwood with adapters
Front brake pads Hawk Blue (HB170E.650; Pagid Orange. U1203 RS4-4 will fit as well.
Rear calipers 911 T fronts
Rear rotor 911 T 11; Cross Drilled 901-352-041-14ZD
Rear brake pads Hawk Blue HB172E.595 (M Pad).
Master cylinder 23mm diam. Merc. Benz
Brake lines Braided stainless steel
Brake fluid Motul 660 or Castrol SRF
2 sets Gold anodized centers; Built for LiteSpeed by Bogart Racing Wheels
Front 11x16 w/5" backspacing
Rear 13.5x16 w/3.5" backspacing
Goodyear GT Bias Slicks
Front 23.5x11.5-16
Rear 25.0x13.0-16
Fire System 10 lb. Safecraft 1301 Halon; Plumbed to spray 3 zones: Front, Cockpit, Engine
Roll protection Full cage with NASCAR door bars.
Belts Sparco Platinum 5 point.
Spares set of wheels; many miscellaneous small spares
PCA Club Race Class GT2R

Developed and maintained by:
Mat Lowrance
Reno Rennsport Reno, NV.
Call for details 775.331.4366